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Freestyle Candela
Leif Totusek

Leif Totusek 1-2-3

Mbira & guitar
Lora Chiorah & Leif Totusek

The Jamisons

Never Say Goodbye
Love Gangsters

The Laundry Room Session
Totusek, Butkovic, Iochev Trio

Mood Milieu
Love Gangters

Djeliyah Band
Boka Kouyate

Various Songs
Leif Totusek

guest Leif Totusek

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Current Events


Publisher Title Year
The Seattle Stranger Love Gangsters ~ Fridrich/Totusek Draft Punk Greenwood Fri Oct 11, 7pm 2019
The Seattle Stranger Leif Totusek "Freestyle Candela" Fiddlers Inn ~ SAT SEP 28 2019
The Seattle Stranger Leif Totusek 1-2-3 Latona Pub 2019
The Seattle Times Boka Kouyate "Djeliyah Band" Columbia City Beatwalk 2019
KING 5 NEWS Leif Totusek "Candela" - special Earth Day concert" 2019
The Seattle Stranger Murphy's Pub "Jazz Brunch" 2019
The Seattle Public Library Playback, the Library's online collection, Lora Chiorah & Leif Totusek "Mbira & Guitar" 2018
My City Scene, Port Townsend, WA ...amazing guitar and vocals with Love Gangsters! 2018
Earshot Jazz North City Bistro ~ Presents... "Evening Jazz" Phil Sparks & Leif Totusek2018
The Stranger Enjoy a night of jazz with Leif Totusek on guitar, Larry Jones on drums, and Phil Sparks on bass2018
The Seattle Times Join in to drum and dance at the World Rhythm Festival2018
KING 5 NEWS Seattle pub celebrates Earth Day 2018
WallyhoodJazz at Murphy's2017
Bomaye Entertainment Salif Keita with Leif Totusek & Candela2017
Catalytic Community NW Immigrants Rights Project Benefit Show "Leif Totusek & Candela" 2017
The Seattle Public Library Playback, the Library's online collection, Leif Totusek 1-2-3 Sparks, Jones, Totusek 2017
Olympia Jazz Central Leif Totusek at The Washington Center 2017
The Stranger Black Box Jazz: Leif Totusek 2016
World Rhythm Festival Video Interview with Leif Totusek by Logos Media2016
The Washington Center for the Performing Arts Video: min. 1:12 - Black Box Jazz: Leif Totusek2016
Blue Nile Children's Organization fundraiser Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral - Leif Totusek and Freestyle Candela2015
The Triple Door HWY 99 Blues Presents: Sam Pierce and Leif Totusek2015
Portland Waterfront Blues Festival Leif Totusek - Candela Blues | Waterfront Blues Festival 2014 2014
Oregon Music News Leif Totusek brings African Pop: Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival 2014 2014
Portland Waterfront Blues Festival Leif Totusek - Candela Blues | Waterfront Blues Festival 2013 2013
Seattle Jazz Scene March 8, 2013-Latona Pub2013
The Entertainer Newspaper Renowned Guitarist will play at Emerald of Siam 2012
Positive Seattle 2012 Musical Line-Up 2012
African Music Nights August 11 at The Royal Room2012
Seattle Weekly Leif Totusek 2011
KEXP Sonarchy Radio Jack Straw Productions with "Santos Ensemble" Live at KEXP Radio Studio (audio only) 2011
Savor The Sound Savor Cypress A Night of Perfect Pairing to Benefit Savor the Sound 2011
Benaroya Hall Lucid Seattle Presents Inside Out Jazz Awards - Leif Totusek "Freestyle Candela" 2010
Seattle Weekly Reverb Festival Seattle Weekly's REVERB Local Music Festival 20092010
Cascade Health Communication Group Haba Na Haba (Music - Acoustic Guitar Compositions) 2010
African Music Nights Just back from Touring with Freestyle Candela in NYC, Boston and SF ...inspirations" 2010
Key Peninsla News Lora Chiorah beautiful Mother of the Earth, from Zimbabwe & Leif Totusek's guitar rang out like life through a rippling heat-mirage" 2010
The Triple Door JJ Cale "The Roll on Tour" in Seattle with Leif Totusek and Freestyle Candela 2009
The Shrine NYC VIDEO Leif Totusek and Freestyle Candela Live in NYC 2008
NPR/Afro-POP Worldwide/David Meinert, Seattle Weekly/ The Jazz Cafe Compilation Reviews2003-2007
Earshot Jazz Leif Totuseks Freestyle Candela "Bumbershoot 2002"2002
EMP Workshop Rhythms of the World 2002
The New York Times Pop and Jazz Guide2002
The Lions Den Tjovi Ginen with Special Guest: Leif Totusek2002
Smithsonian Folkways "Safarini in transit" - Leif Totusek with Lora Chiorah-Dye and Sukutai - Album Review 2000
The StrangerUp and Coming1999
The StrangerUp and Coming1999
EMP - Liquid LoungeLeif Totusek 1-2-3 jazz "will entertain with a sophisticated blend of rhythmic soul-jazz..."1999
NPRMonitor Radio ***** 5 Star Review - Leif Totusek - Freestyle Candela- Dec 13, 1996
BumbershootBumbrella Stage - Saturday 1996
Boston Phoenix**** Freestyle Candela "off the record"1996
Boston Phoenix **** Freestyle Candela (Totusek Music)1996
Tjovi Ginen MusicTjovi Ginen Demo "Be Brief" - Leif Totusek on guitar1995
Bumbershoot The Boston Music Awards - Outstanding World Music Act 1994
Seattle StrangerLeif Totusek: Freestyling at Flowers 1994
WERS Radio WERS Presents Live On Gyroscope "Leif Totusek with Batwel Rada" 1993
The Boston Globe, Fernando Gonzalez Freestyle plays, Zairean Soukouus and rumbas with surprising flair1993
The Boston Globe Leif Totusek "Freestyle" became one of the most promising groups in the Boston area1992
Boston Phoenix "Leif Totusek: Freestyle Candela Shows how its Done" 1992
Time Out, London, England Compilation Reviews and Listings1988
Music NEWS, London, England Jazz Cafe June Programme 1988
Didi Love, London, EnglandSeattle Jazz1982 - 1987





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